Burglary Alarm Systems

who fulfill all the functions within the system 8/10/16/18/32 theft alarm (zone) main central unit of the system.

  • possible motion detector that is placed into the input area
  • possible attempt burglary deterrent feature siren with light signal instantly
  • user-specific input output system keypad are used to set up
  • 12v 7a battery that sustains the system against power failure a certain period of time
  • smoke, gas leaks and flooding from alarming systems.

intelligence center

in order to improve safety and which are optional, which was taken over according to the discretion of the user of the system.

purpose and features

  • detects whether the received alarm information to the center along with intelligence to reach, and after searching for authorized persons, shall be notified to the nearest police unit and the team is addressed
  • power failure and battery depletion, etc. in case of malfunction, the operator passes it to the system users and the technical service and news centre.
  • optionally, the theft attempts that can occur in the house next to gas leaks, flooding and a detector that detects smoke in case of fire signal the system that transfers the information to the authorities led by means of system.

marmaris hırsızlık alarm sistemleri