Camera Systems

so you can effectively provide your safety camera systems we offer the most spark. high resolution security cameras and high-performance with image recording devices in a manner that can provide for your safety 7 days 24 hours uninterruptedly.

with the most advanced and reliable security technology you will feel the peace of your home and your workplace. villas, apartment, commercial buildings with large businesses can be used. advanced security technology is designed to make our systems more intuitive keypads.

spark camera systems it is possible to develop solutions for every need. you can see all the details and can provide the maximum level of your safety.

the spark of your security camera systems provide you with the most effective way to be able to design a security system that you need and call us today for you can. safety spark discovery service, design service, project sales, technical service and after-sale services all over turkey with the best service quality you offer.

kamera sistemleri

box camera

mall, shops, market and foreign exchange bureaus such as the public and the density is more, where the ratio of visible light at the level of the places where two or more are used to monitor.

kamera sistemleri

dome camera

with compact and aesthetic structure used in shops and offices (2.8/3.6/4mm) which are in the shape of a half-sphere lens with cameras.

kamera sistemleri

ir camera

color during the day, the sky dark with night-vision leds by means of the zero light, even in black and white image with the images in the external environments and is capable of obtaining near and far.

kamera sistemleri

dvr recorder

4/8/16/32 channel image and take that image inside the hdd (harddisk) through on record, optionally put the sound in the space, and remote access (iphone, android) that allows you to transfer video and audio from the phones to follow up with the security system.

kamera sistemleri

camera pole

in the external environment is used to enhance the effect of the angle of the image are accessories and outdoors that are placed.