Smart Home System

spark +plus smart home system for you a luxury? do you need? your life that you can incorporate what you read...

akıllı ev sistemi


spark +plus directs you to the person who stole your mobile phone the bell when you were away. are your conversations with people while providing a home to people who came to the door gives the impression that malicious.

spark +plus card access system, you don't need to give the housekeeper the key to the house. except for certain days with special cards that can't be copied are prevented from entering the house.

spark +plus everyone who comes to your door takes to record the image. all alarm input events and output records.

akıllı ev sistemi


spark +plus your child recognize and january while she was alone, irons, microwaves devices, such as by turning off security.

spark +plus panic buttons for medical and emergency situations that can happen to your elderly parents or your children gives immediate notice to all.

akıllı ev sistemi


spark +plus card access system and even your children recognize your key with you opens the door.

spark +plus the temperature before you leave your home welcome you with the warmth you want to find out lets.

spark +plus the person who stole the bell on tv shows, if you wish, your home phone, your meeting with the person at the door without leaving your seat with, and allows you to open the door.