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so you can effectively provide your safety camera systems we offer the most spark. high resolution security cameras and high-performance with image recording devices in a manner that can provide for your safety 7 days 24 hours uninterruptedly.
detects whether the received alarm information to the center along with intelligence to reach, and after searching for authorized persons, shall be notified to the nearest police unit and the team is addressed.
spark +plus directs the person to your mobile phone when you were away lie the bell. are your conversations with people while providing a home to people who came to the door gives the impression that malicious.
your visitors apartment video intercom system, intercom with monitor will be mounted in your own apartment in terms of security and seeing which allows voice communication.
that may occur in the event of fire in any building, factory, warehouse, shopping center, or business center hotels and not to endanger the safety of life and property in the siren warning system with early intervention, the damage or harm minumum to download the result of our company in accordance with the regulations made with the possibility of the discovery of the fire zones (heat, optical, ionization, thermal, natural gas,carbon monoxide) detectors are placed and the varieties of fire alarmwarning tones and are installed with security systems to support the system that is used for the siren.
fire, since the existence of earth, from time to time is one of the worst disasters that confronts humanity. however, to prevent this disaster engineering science developed solutions, created standards and extracted with the rules and regulations guiding the people for fire protection systems designed.
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