Fire Extinguishers

points to be considered while buying a fire extinguisher

  • hair on the body of the manufacturer's name, production date, serial number and mark are seen as tse.
  • the hair on the name, and the name on the seal is the same as the name on the label.
  • a quality ball is manufactured from 2 mm sheet steel body and the body to provide protection against corrosion after cleaning the surface by bombardment from the bath is passed. 1 or 1.2 mm are produced from a cheap raw hair body. this situation can be seen with a healthy balance.
  • body is painted with enamel paint.
  • manometer gauge brass body and glass unbreakable from the microphone, the dial is made of foil resistant to uv light.
  • the trigger assembly are available in stainless brass is produced from the mark and legal. tse or such as the ce mark.
  • the rechargeable device of a high quality chemical powder. mono ammonium ratio of at least 40%.
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things to know when buying a fire extinguishing device:

  • are produced according to the related standards
  • the device is the original device
  • the organization that sells the device will give after sales service
  • whether the device is full (manometer control and scale)
  • electrical conductivity-effect range-toxicity status

and hoses, fire cabinet

manufactured from dkp sheet metal 1,2 mm ce, tse and iso 9001 approved, made of pvc material and features rubber fire hose cabinets according to mt 20,25,30 ,semi-rigid rubber material according to the environment division and from the outer casing tube,tube bolmesiz of the sahara and the fire type reel drive-in ,surface mounted and recessed aesthetics according to electrostatic powder ral 3002 red capless glass or glass with a lid produced from the safety system.

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if the logic of this system, fire cabinet from the mains 1 and 2 with the opening of the finger valve with a pressure hose coming into the pressurization water is taken to the fire and after winning early intervention.

spring sprinkler system

the system is connected to a source of pressurized water and a pipe that is filled with water to put out the fire by using a network hard allows. each of the spring which is opened by heat from the fire-minute fire rating according to average 100 liters of water by sprinkling is a system that allows spraying to extinguish the fire.

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fire pumps

fire, since the existence of earth, from time to time is one of the worst disasters that confronts humanity. however, to prevent this disaster engineering science developed solutions, created standards and extracted with the rules and regulations guiding the people for fire protection systems designed.

pumps used in fire fighting, fire in the mouth, defeating the previously calculated resistance during the pressure and the flow rate of water outlet so as to meet the required designed and selected. fire pumps, sprinkler systems so basically a sprinkler system installations and fire hydrant installations fire hose cabinets in the mouth we call basinclandirir water intake.

main pumps and jockey pumps fire pump system consists of. pumps should be designed to be redundant and not necessarily the main. a main fire pump in the system is used,you must have a spare pump in the same capacity. if you have more than one pump,the total capacity of at least 50% is backed up,provided that it is used to pump enough spare. for example, principal 1 spare 2 pump system,the pump capacity of each system to meet 50% can be selected. fire-fighting systems may be driven by a diesel engine or electric motor driven pumps used in. can cause damage to power lines during a fire, considering that the operation of the pump as a backup pump to eliminate the risk of fire pump driven by a diesel engine is recommended.

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hood suppression system

hotel or restaurant kitchen is a grease fire in the hood as a result of overheating of oil accumulated in the self-ignition starts. hood fire suppression system detects the fire and automatically heat to the district through nozzles-spray and fire extinguishing chemicals to neutralize it.

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kitchen hood extinguishing systems why is it needed?

  • 7/24 industrial kitchen ensures that it is protected from fire.
  • prevents property damage and all of the kitchen fire. therefore, damage to the lowest level in labor and material pulls.
  • fire extinguishing systems to extinguish the fire, the fat with the other is difficult.
  • helps to fight the fire and cool the surface in a very short time.

the operating principle of the extinguishing system, hood, in the hood or in the system manual fire detectors with detection of unloading of the button as a result of the withdrawal of the liquid inside of the tube, special chemical, the equipment on the top of the chimney and the inside of the filter by allowing it to be sprayed with the help of nozzles, allows the resetting of burning oil.

hood, duct and chimney cleaning

the top of the grill and the stove the evaporation of the oils that occur on first contact with flue cleaning with special cleaners and protective ingredients, the result of not most of the oils are formed after the fire ignition of the oil in the hood of her mouth. chimney and ducts resulting from the use of, gases that may occur in terms of human health, the safe path that leads to the atmosphere from the working channel to obtain the best productivity by between 3 to 6 months according to the intensity of authorized and licensed companies to clean up depends on. our company is an authorized and certified company serving throughout marmaris mugla.

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